Read Fiction

There are many people who could be engrossed in reading even for hours. They had the feeling of having to finish the book they are reading before they put it down. They love to read books and so they make time so that they can read. They set a goal to be able to read one book in a month or every two months. Others prefer to read other books like books that talk about work condition. How a person could improve himself and many other topics aside from the fiction genre.

That is because they have another point of view of the fiction books. But it was already revealed in a study that the effect of other books is the same as in the fiction. There are the benefits of reading fiction that is the same as the effect in reading the other type of books. Then what are these benefits? The number one that is already known to many who have written about it is that it can help a person learn empathy.

Reading fiction is also a great way to reduce and release stress. As you can focus on the story, you would be able also to relax. Having less stress means a healthier body. One of the advantage that I like the most and also recommend to someone who has a hard time sleeping at night is to read. It is also a great way to open your creativity and being open to ideas that could be new and intriguing. So why not try reading a fiction book today?

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