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Arthur Umbgrove has been on the work as a comedian until he discovered his talent for music and so he incorporates music into his show. Music part increased and as time passed he was given an offer so that he will record. That began his career as a musician as he had produced albums and also write songs for him and also for other musicians. He had toured so he could also promote his songs and he had done well as a musician. But he decided to stop first in the music scene and write a book.

He continued his career as a singer and continue to release albums while he also writes books. He had made his own debut into the writing world by having his own book published having the title Middle Road. That is in the year of 2006. This has the story of a grandson who followed the tracks of his grandfather during the time of the Second World War. He is a spy. This book was printed again in later dates. His second book has the title The Heartbeat Of The Earth and this was published in the year of 2008 month of November.

The topic of the book is about another grandfather but this time it is a geologist which is famous and he is JHF Umbgrove. While he is writing novels, he is also releasing his own albums and released them. They also receive good reviews and also his novels are doing good. He then published his third book which has the title Hotel Sofia who has the four friends as the subject.

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